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The Zune pass music subscription service has been awesome and having all the music I can handle available for download at my wish is simply great.

Zune Pass cut from six to four allowable devices

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Sep 102011
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has reportedly decided to cut its Zune Pass from six to four allowable devices.

No public announcement has been made by the software giant yet, but many people have received emails regarding the change, saying that the Zune pass will support only four devices, cutting two from the currently supported six devices at the moment.

The change, which Microsoft Corporation is making as part of an update to its terms of service, will affect customers who have more than four devices running on Windows.

Microsoft Corp. stocks were at 25.51 at the end of the last day’s trading. There’s been a 6.0% change in the stock price over the past 3 months.

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Competition for Zune Pass?

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Mar 282011
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One of the better features for Windows Phone 7—or any Zune device for that matter—is the Zune Pass. It allows you to download as many songs as you want and keep 10 (yes, forever) for a monthly fee of $15. But a new application for WP7 may prove to be a bit of competition for the subscription service.

Rhapsody has released an application for the Windows Phone platform that streams music for $10 a month. Of course it’s not the same deal as the Zune Pass, which actually lets you download music and listen offline while also letting you keep the aforementioned 10 a month, but no one ever said competition was a bad thing, right?

Beisdes, Rhapsody also offers a 60-day trial. That’s plenty of time to decide whether or not you’d rather use their service than Zune’s.

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Walking Dead Xbox ZUNE Subscribers Mad Like Zombies!!

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Nov 162010
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I have had a hard time keeping up with the new Walking Dead Series on AMC because my Sunday nights are generally reserved for family and kids and I have had a hard time adjusting my schedule to the new zombies TV series. I missed the very first episode and have been searching for a place to watch it ever since. I realize I can pay to watch the new TV show on my Xbox Live Zune movie service but I have a real problem with paying for a televised episode that I could watch for free on the station at its regular time schedule. I just can’t fathom paying for a tv episode at this point in my life.

I would rather watch the free version with commercials and everything than to waste my money on a tv show. I pay for movies because they are better when you rent them but paying for a tv show is out of bounds when you realize its only an hour long and when you subtract the commercials you get about 45 minutes of content. Not exactly a good deal when you consider I could just as easily have recorded the episode if I had just set an alarm or even told my wife to remind me. My TV has a schedule on it but the darn thing only goes out a week in advance so I have to wait until today or possibly tomorrow before I can schedule the next episode to start on its own.

Now I find out that Zune users are having issues with the latest episode not being available or worse in some cases people are being made to pay twice for the same episode. That my friends is a major mistake for Zune to be making right now. A glitch like that can cost them some valuable subscribers to the fledgling subscription video service from Microsoft and is a surefire way to generate some negative publicity at this important pre holiday season. Let’s hope they get this sorted out soon or Walking Dead may be the final nail in the Zune coffin.

Walking Dead Xbox ZUNE Subscribers Enraged | MoviesOnline

I woke up this morning bright and early to watch Episode 3 of The Walking Dead [ Walking Dead Episode 3 Review ] and was frankly shocked when I loaded up my Xbox and the latest episode Tell it To The Frogs was not available for me to watch. I paid for the entire season up front so that I could get each episode and when the 3rd episode wasnt downloaded I thought perhaps I missed something or had a glitch.

I posted this morning about it and readers have been writing in complaining that I am very much not alone. I can tell you that as of now 5:30pm EST Walking Dead Episode 3 is still not available and Microsoft is apparently not concerned.

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Zune Pass music subscription service

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Oct 102010
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I have been a Zune Pass subscriber since the service began in late 2006 and it has been one of the best deals I have found in music online. It’s better than Rhapsody and even Last.fm for music discovery and offers the best features in and online music library.

The Zune Pass unlimited monthly subscription services allows me to download and listen to as much music as I want for a low monthly price of only $15 per month. That is roughly the cost of buying one new CD each month and I can download any number of songs or full albums from my favorite artists or sample from the huge catalog of new music choices.

If you are interested in checking out the best subscription music service online you should run over and look up the Zune Pass for all your music downloads.

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Microsoft opens Zune Pass to Great Britain

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Aug 032010
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Microsoft opens Zune Pass to Great Britain for those few Zune users who smuggled a Zune player into the country where you cannot actually buy them officially. Zune players are limited to US and Canada and now Brits can use the Zune software to play Zune music. Well sorta. You gotta make some changes to your system to trick the software into thinking you are in the US. And you cannot stream musci probably because of music rights issues still but you can pay for those services now with your british credit card and Microsoft Points I suppose.

Microsoft allows brits to access zune pass – The Inquirer

STILL ASPIRING MUSIC MOGOL Microsoft is bringing its all you can eat music service, Zune Pass, to the UK.

The service, which is a rival to Apple’s Itunes and Amazon’s MP3 store, has until now been limited, like its Zune music player, to the US. Now users here in Blighty are able to sign up for the service, which promises “unlimited access to music” for a fixed monthly fee.

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KIN with Zune Pass subscription music on your mobile phone

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May 052010
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Details are being released about the subscription plan for Kin Windows Mobile phone with the Zune Pass music subscription included and the prices are going to be rather steep for a kids phone. Microsoft has been pushing the Kin phones as made for the tweens or teens demographic who are so into social media features such as those built into the new Windows 7 Mobile OS.

The only problem we see is that the Kin phones are going to be way to expensive for the average American teenager no matter how much they love their mobile devices. I think in this tough economy having a phone that will cost a minimum of $70 per month and as much as $100 is going to be to much for parents to cover. If they want to make these phones as popular as competing devices they really should offer a lower cost plan in the $40 range or this thing will be reserved for rich kids who probably already have a phone on their parents company or family plan.

Want a Kin with Zune Pass? That will be $85 plus taxes each month | ZDNet

Verizon may have killed off the Kin devices before they even get going with standard smartphone data pricing of $29.99 per month plus a minimum $39.99 voice plan requirement. Then if you want to take advantage of the Zune Pass integration you will have to pay another $15 per month to Microsoft (not handled through carrier billing). That is $85 per month, not counting taxes and fees that will most likely put you over $90 per month for a single Kin device.

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Microsoft working on disappearing Zune Pass music issue

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Feb 192010
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Microsoft seems aware of the disappearing Zune music issues many of us have faced and they seem to be addressing it as best they can. Zune Marketplace has shown a significant decrease in the number of songs available on the Zune Pass music subscription service because of issues related to the licensing of music.

Microsoft has hired a new firm to manage their content license and music  rights acquisitions and industry insiders claim they are making a wise move if they intend on keeping the music subscription service rolling forward in to the new Windows Mobile Phones programs.

Microsoft hires new firm for Zune Pass | MP3 Insider – CNET Reviews

In what is likely a reaction to recent complaints of disappearing music in the Zune Marketplace, Microsoft has hired an outside firm to help clear music for its Zune Pass subscription service.

In an announcement today, Music Reports Inc. revealed an agreement made with Microsoft to “administer the music publishing licensing and royalty accounting for the Zune Pass subscription service in the United States.”

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Mar 072007
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There is an interesting Zune rumor just getting started and although we don’t normally jump on rumors so fast this one is to good to pass. Seems Gizmodo heard a rumor (that we are helping to spread) that the second generation Zune player will be a Zune gaming device and I’m ever hopeful it turns out to be true. I’ll go ahead and contribute to the web echo because I believe this one may play out. A gaming device is just what Zune needs to put them on the front of the portable market with a music video and gaming device on the platform and the phone on the way. The Xbox community is the largest asset Microsoft has in building the Zune family of devices and a gaming device is just what Zune needs to create that crossover into the Live service and the  existing community. A Microsoft game player will certainly be accepted by the fan base even if it’s not labeled under the Xbox family won’t it?

Rumor Overheard at GDC: Next-Gen Zune Available in August – Gizmodo

Apparently, if the person was correct and our ears didn’t fail us, the next-gen Zune will be available in August. Unfortunately for the first-gen Zune team, the next version will feature gaming, which is supposedly making them feel dejected over working on a product (1st gen) that will be “abandoned”.

It might be a rumor but just like Giz says it’s a juicy one because it has apparently earned this response from the Zune Release Manager who says that they will not be abandoning the first generation devices which is of course a good thing and easy to believe. I can’t think they would drop a new player on us this soon and not continue development or support for the first generation players. They have barely tapped the potential of this first player and there is much more to be done with it. Besides the list of features so many Zune users want there are issues with stability on some devices that must be dealt with fast. They can’t expect to attract new business when the first customers are having problems. It would also be suicide for the product line if they did abandon the first Zunes as no one would stick with them and Microsoft would have a hard time convincing new customers they would not do the same thing to them on future Zune players. He does not deny any second generation devices in the works or even mention them really. He goes on to say we can expect much more to come from the wireless capabilities in first generation players which is good to hear from the someone who should know.

Zune Insider : . . . And Now a Word from the Zune Release Manager

Some of the comments I read said things like “Microsoft is abandoning this generation of Zune,” but nothing could be further from the truth. We see Zune today as simply the baseline – not the endgame. That means we’re still planning on adding features to the existing platform just like MS has done with the XBOX platform (recall that Xbox Live was not part of the initial v1 launch but was added later), plus the fact that Zune has wireless which can make the potential very interesting. Stay tuned to Cesar’s blog for more on this as it develops.

I have noticed a bit of traffic building up for keywords such as “zune games” and zune game player which we apparently rank #1 for on Google. I think most of those searching for zune games are looking for games to play on the existing players. The number of searches for game player is nowhere near that of games alone but both are growing quicly. There’s been quite a bit of traffic for it and our page needs some updating but it’s nice to know so many people are looking for a Zune game player cause we’re ready for it. The rumor claims the Zune game player release date is in August which lines it up for this Holiday Season coming and that would probably put a Zune Phone out in time for Holidays 2008.

So what do you think a Zune game player should be? What do you think it will be? Honestly ever since I though about a portable Xbox game player or what was dubbed the Xboy I saw it as a slightly larger version of the Original Xbox controller with a fold up screen top and center. I had the green Halo version of the first Xbox and for some reason I see the player as that. I guess it’s because it’s an obvious fit to existing players as well and using the same design as the existing Xbox controllers will make the game player more acceptable to Xboxers. Drop me a comment and tell me what you would like to see in the Zune game player or drop by the forums and leave your opinion.

Will they still be adding games to the existing players? I think so. They need Zune to be a better value than the iPod and the continued development and a steady release of enhanced features for first generation players will create a greater interest in Zune players and boost sales. The more players sold the more possible subscribers to the Zune Pass and the subscription service is what they want us all using. The Zune Pass is great but being stuck with a subscription does feel like you’re wasting money when you’re not using your player all the time. I’ve found myself leaving my Zune off for a few days and even up to a week recently as I’ve been busy with other things and when I pick it back up and have to sync it because the subscriptions expired I wonder if it’s such a great deal. Then of course I cruise through my library of music and create a new playlist with some fresh new music on the next sync and the convenience of the a la carte menu and unlimited downloads reminds me of why I pay $15 a month for music now.

Zune MarketPlace is nice and I’m hoping they will continue to build on it. I’m looking forward to movie downloads at some point in the future. The Zune marketplace has some great features and the search functions are pretty handy. The live search is really cool and pretty fast although the site seems bogged down on occasion. It’s usually much smoother and the Zune software is better than the iTunes software in my opinion but Apple does have the podcast directory full of free content which seems so huge. Podcasting is huge and ready to explode as more people get online and the convenience of personal broadcasts reached more people. I doubt Microsoft will ever be able to catch up to them when they barely seem to recognize the importance of proper podcast support. Zune firmware 1.3 is scheduled for roll out soon and the update will not offer anything for podcasts and my guess is it will be Firmware 1.5 before we get full podcast support on Zunes. What exactly full support for Zune means to Microsoft remains to be seen.

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