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Digitally sign MS Office and PDF files on the server

You can make use of Meteor to develop your add-in for Word. One reason that pointing the manifest directly to your existing site will not function is actually that you need to sign up and reference office.js to the initialize occasion.

now i am establishing the add-in utilizing HTML, CSS and also javascript as i need to complete it very soon. I have actually placed my webAdd-in files on web server as well as delivered the LINK in Manifest data. On web page consumer require to login to begin with as well as after login consumer may see the add-in pages.I possess under queies, please manual me: 1) Just how i can easily store the user references If customer checked on store references checkbox for later login, unit ought to certainly not seek login. 2) Just how should I store a token produced by a Relaxed API after login to send the various other ask for along with Token and also userId?

I require to electronically authorize MS Office as well as PDF reports that are actually stashed on a web server. I definitely imply a digital signature that is actually included in the document, according per certain file layouts.

I need to create a MS Office Word add-in using the Word JavaScript API. My website is actually developed in Meteor so I wish use the exact same resources for my Word add-in along with a different layout. I attempted to place my site LINK in the add-in’s SourceLocation factor in addinManifest.xml but it featured an empty page in words job glass.

This is actually the process I thought:

Parts 2, 3 and 4 are ALRIGHT for me, my business purchased all the JAVA innovation I require for that for a previous job I functioned on.

When you authorize the report, you sign the information, and then you stash the signature in the metadata. When Performer or even Office after that opens up the data it checks whether the signature and also the material held in the metadata match http://itextpdf.sourceforge.net/howtosign.html#howtosign

Issue: I can’t appear to find any documentation/examples to carry out parts 1 and 5 for Office documents. Are my google.com abilities neglecting me this moment?

Generate a hash of the documents’s information
Deliver the hash to a customized composed java applet in the browser
The consumer encrypts the hash along with his/her personal key (on an usb token by means of PKCS # 11 as an example), hence successfully signing the report.
The applet then sends the signature to the hosting server
On the hosting server I would certainly after that integrate the trademark in the data’s (MS Office as well as PDF data can easily do that without changing the documents’s material, probably by only setting some metadata industry).

What is actually great is that you certainly never must install and post the comprehensive documents to the hosting server once more. What is actually even cooler, the consumer does not require Office or PDF Writer to sign the documents.

Generally, you may utilize our SecureBlackbox item to sign Office and also PDF reports. Having said that, distributed signing like the one in your situation is certainly not unimportant (though feasible). Our company are actually currently servicing an add-on to SecureBlackbox to simplify such distributed operations.

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