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How to Convert PDF file into Image file using C#.net?

It is not feasible to convert PDF page to Image using iTextSharp. You require to utilize some espresso writing public library … You can provide a try with Phantomjs. it benefits this purpose as i have actually utilized it.

I utilizing this code for transforming a pdf documents to jpg images, however the quality of jpg’s images is actually quite unsatisfactory; a person recognizes how alter the high quality or maintain the top quality of pdf? I am actually servicing a multipage pdf along with excelent quality.

I looked all over and also discovered out that there is actually a nuget deal for Ghost Writing, thus concern for me was actually resolved through going to deal manager console and incorporating ghost script to clean project (I produced a clean job given that the outdated one possessed all kinds of endorsement to win32 ghostscript dlls) through “PM > Install-Package Ghostscript.NET”.  itextSharp can certainly not directly convert PDF web pages to image.  The “Ghostscript.NET 1.2.0” performs it pretty conveniently.

I would like to convert PDF documents in to Image documents, I tried using PDFSharp, However PDFSharp is not transforming PDF file to image, it retrieves image coming from PDF file.Is there some other free devices are actually there to convert PDF to Image file making use of C#?

You can use xsPDF to image converter, this control can convert each PDF page to a raster image file in your C# code.

I have been actually using itextSharp for all pdf similar tasks in dot.net. I happened all over a requirement where I require to convert PDF web pages to images. I could possibly certainly not locate any type of sample of such. I discovered that another device ghostscript is able to do it the problem along with that is I perform a mutual throwing & I don’t think ghostscript is going to run on hosting server as in my local device I must manually replicate ghost manuscript dlls to system32 directory which is certainly not feasible in a communal throwing.

PDFLibNet.PDFWrapper _pdfDoc = new PDFLibNet.PDFWrapper();

        for (int s = 0; s < _pdfDoc.PageCount; s++)
            Image img = RenderPage(_pdfDoc, s);
            string rutaFin = final + ".page" + p + ".jpg";
            img.Save(Path.Combine(dirOut, string.Format(rutaFin)));

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