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Converting HTML files to PDF

I need to instantly produce a PDF data from an exisiting  HTML-document. The input data (reports) use a somewhat easy, table-based design, thus assistance for really fancy JavaScript/CSS things is actually most likely certainly not required.

As I am made use of to operating in Java, a solution that can quickly be utilized in a java-project is actually better. It simply needs to have to focus on windows units, though.

One technique to carry out it that is actually feasable, yet carries out certainly not make top quality result (at the very least out of the carton) is actually utilizing CSS2XSLFO, and Apache FOP to create the PDF documents. The problem I ran into was actually that while CSS-attributes are actually converted well, the table-layout is actually pretty ruined, with message draining of the table cell.

I additionally took a simple look at Jrex, a Java-API for making use of the Gecko leaving motor.

Exists perhaps a method to take hold of the rendered page from the internet traveler providing motor as well as send it to a PDF-Printer resource immediately? I possess no experience in OLE programming in windows, so I have no hint what is actually feasible and also what is actually certainly not.

I have actually just recently developed a Java public library docbag that can convert xhtml to pdf documents. Existing model is actually nothing innovative, yet if your xhtml themes are easy this public library might come helpful.

The Flying Saucer XHTML renderer task possesses help for outputting XHTML to PDF. Take a look at an example here.

It is actually quick and easy to unintentionally damage the PDF making through including one thing like an ampersand in your HTML, or even some javascript code that makes your made HTML certainly not meticulous XHTML. This can be actually minimized along with automated examinations or some method that includes XML verification.

it is a pure Java PDF toolkit which has assistance for reading information from HTML. I utilized it lately in a job when I required to take material coming from our CMS and also export as PDF reports, as well as it was actually all instead straightforward. The assistance for CSS as well as design tags is actually pretty limited, yet it does leave tables with no troubles

the ActivePDF software program is really frustrating – because it must release the IE internet browser in the history for conversions it may be pretty slow-moving, and it is actually not especially stable either.

If the outcome documents are certainly not needed instantly, for far better scalability it might be actually much better to possess a line as well as a few history procedures taking things coming from there, turning all of them and also stashing at that point on the data source or even documents body.

In your situation, the simpler approach may be to put up a PDF printing motorist like PDFCreator and also only publish the page to this output.

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