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Windows Weekly Podcast Interview with David Caulton of the Zune Crew

Mar 092007
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Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite.com and Leo Laporte of LeoVille.com have a great podcast interview with David Caulton from the Zune marketing team. Dave is a sharp individual and really knows his business about the Zune player and where Microsoft is going with the Zune product line. It’s an hour long audio interview available in mp3 format that is well worth the download. The cover quite a bit about the Zune including some of the shortcomings in the device such as copy protection and other drm services as well as what direction Microsoft is taking with the new line.

Dave opens up the question of podcasting support and they hit him on it. Dave acknowledges the need for podcast support but dances around about when. Dave is very good at these things and there are no commitments on when we’ll see podcast support but it’s beginning to appear like it will be some time before we do see it. Dave comments on the importance of fixing the current Zune players with firmware updates focused on stability and addressing the minor issues found in the current software.

They point out how impressive the hardware configuration is but note the markets disappointment in what the Zune can actually do right now. Dave counters with how important it was to them to provide a stable base to begin with and hints we’ll see a lot more from future upgrades. There is no road map to when we’ll see updates and Dave is vague on what we can expect to see in future features.

The current Zune setup covers the basic needs for an mp3 player to be competitive with the target audience in the current market place. It may not meet the needs of many enthusiast or niche users. The ability to build a device with features consumers are looking for is why Microsoft has jumped into the hardware business with Zune players and Dave mentions what might happen with Zune 2.0 and beyond players. They also go into some detail on the content deal signed with Universal Music and how important content is to the device success as well as how to approach the fight with Apple. They touch on DRM and why they we’re forced to drop Plays4Sure in favor of their own device and closed ecosystem and some great information on what people are actually doing with their mp3 players.

It’s a great interview with a knowledgeable Zune team member. If you’re interested in what is happening with Zune and the future of the devices it’s a great interview to catch. You can download the mp3 interview from http://www.Twit.tv and play it on your Zune or iPod..

The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

Windows Weekly 17: David Caulton of the Zune Team

Hosts: Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte

David Caulton, Zune team member since 2005, welcomes us to The Social.

Check out Paul’s Blog at http://www.internet-nexus.com and the SuperSite for Windows http://winsupersite.com for more information.

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Zune video capabilities growing faster by the day

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Dec 132006
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All this talk about video on the Zune is exciting. There are lots of new DVD to Zune converters and software applications for working with video on Zune. Recently I noticed that TANDBERG® , a global leader in visual communication, has enabled Zune-optimized content creation through the TANDBERG Content Server, the company’s Windows®-based streaming and archiving solution.

What this means for Zune owners using their Content Server is that any standards-based videoconference can be instantly recorded and optimized for Microsoft Zune download and playback without any additional configuration. The video conferencing market is growing fast and for others in the industry there is a big push to grab as much of the video conferencing business as they can get.

Videoconferencing System | LifeSize Communications

LifeSize Roomâ„¢ is the high definition video communications system that combines exceptional quality and user simplicity to make remote communications a productive, true-to-life experience. The fully integrated system connects to most displays in any size conference room and provides crystal clear video clarity and high fidelity audio for productive conferencing. LifeSize Room includes embedded 4-way HD multipoint capabilities to connect several participants.

Companies like LifeSize and Tandberg are developing Video Conferencing Equipment and services that will bring business to anyone in anyplace and hardware like our Zune players need to be prepared for the wireless age at our doorstep. Articles in todays news show an explosion in wireless growth in 2006 and that trend is not expected to slow down any time soon.

WiFi demand booms in ’06 – Wireless & BroadBand – Connectivity – Technology

Demand for microchips that help laptops, video game consoles and other gadgets connect wirelessly to the internet pushed higher in 2006, a trade group said on Monday.

I’m glad MAX is future proof and ready for the wireless age. I hope they do some great things with the Zune players and we get lots more wireless video content from a variety of sources. Hopefully some day soon we’ll have video blogging and video conferencing of our video zunecasts and more.

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ZuneMAX.com Zunecast Episode #1 – Meet MAX

Nov 282006
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Welcome to the first ZuneMAX.com Zunecast Episode #1. It’s not a podcast but you iPod fans can still watch it. You may call it a Videocast although it’s not an Audiocast and Netcast sounds so 90′s I won’t bother so I produced my first Zunecast instead. It’s more a tutorial that I’m not totally happy with it but it’s done and I’m looking forward to trying it again.

My first try at Zunecasting is a continuation of my Meet MAX article and I spend a few minutes running through the Zune firmware for you. You can tell I had some notes to keep me on track because the first two times I tried to do it on the fly and I kept messing it up. I realized if I was going to properly cover all of it I would have to have notes to keep me focused and still I messed it up. I barely go over the FM tuner and there is one mistake in the video. We’ll see if anyone catches it.

Since it’s my first Zunecast I am trying a few new tools with our blog software. You have the choice of watching the Google Video you see here now or you can use the player located at the top of this blog post to watch the movie now or you can download the entire file for playback later.

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