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Here comes the “iPad Killer” from Microsoft

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Jun 152012
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Are you ready for the “iPad Killer” from Microsoft? News of the upcoming release date for a Microsoft Windows Tablet has been hitting the web today as more tech bloggers and writers jump on the story of a pending announcement from Microsoft related to their supposed new Windows Tablet.

Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet

There is much excitement in the blogosphere in regards to the much anticipated Windows 8 Tablets using the Zune inspired Metro Interface and there have been articles written here, here and here just in the last 12 hours. Most of them have little hopes that the new Microsoft tablet will be able to unseat the undisputed king of tablet computing and still others must remember the great success Microsoft had with their so called “Ipod Killer” in the Zune.

Microsoft is undoubtedly working on a new Tablet to feature their new and improved Tablet OS but what they will call it and what exactly it will do to stop the massive growth of the Apple iPad is unknown. There is not much of an expectation that MS will succeed in unseating the current champ but they seem to be just fine with a 3rd place ranking for just about everything else so why not tablets as well?

Do you think Microsoft has a chance at an “iPad Killer” with a Windows 8 Tablet?

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