Aug 062012
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What would shock “Mad Men’s” star Don Draper and his office colleagues the most if they were to land in an advertising office in the 21st century? That someone would immediately tell them to put out their cigarettes? That Peggy and Pete might well change places and she would be the “boss of him?” Or that the three martini lunch has long disappeared? Perhaps they would be unable to even comprehend the increase in the amount of money spent on marketing and ad campaigns from the 1960s to today. Check out these fascinating comparisons between the turn of the century world of Mad Men and what the advertising filed looks like today. The differences are quite striking. You may wonder if the changes are for the better or the worse, but what cannot be doubted is that change is here to stay. It is the watchword for the future in this business, so hold on to your hats!

Via: Carrington College’s Online Business Program

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